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GPS Cell Phone Tracking

Locate Your Mobile Device Using GPS Technology

To some people, the idea of having your smartphone monitoring your location may seem a little intrusive at first. Many people even refer to them as "spy apps" which is somewhat misleading. Once you fully understand the technology and set your concerns aside, you will quickly discover that these programs are an excellent tool to help keep track of your children or teenagers and can also be extremely useful in locating your own mobile device if it is ever lost or stolen.

For those of you who have ever gone through the ordeal of replacing all of your contact information or downloaded applications after losing your smartphone, you will immediately see the value in being able to find your device in a hurry.

A cell phone tracker application is also a valuable tool for companies and business owners who need to monitor employees to make sure they are staying on schedule or properly using company time. This can quickly add to productivity and result in an improved profitability picture by eliminating wasted time and inappropriate company vehicle or equipment use. They are available for all major mobile platforms for both phones and tablets including the iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, and Android powered devices.

How Do Cell Phone Trackers Work?

If you want to track a particular phone or mobile device (this also works for tablets), it must have GPS capability. Once you download the software and install the app, the phone sends a signal to a satellite which then records the location coordinates on a map. Now, you will need to complete a few more simple steps before you can actively monitor its location.

First, you must make sure that the device is on and has a charged battery. Next, be sure to enable the tracking program so that it can emit the proper signal necessary for the satellite to find the device. The best phone tracker apps have the ability to run in the background while your device is on so if anyone were to steal it, they wouldn't know that it was being actively tracked. As a final requirement, you must also be in an area covered by your network provider to work properly. Considering the massive coverage areas of most major service providers, this is rarely an issue unless you live in a remote area.

Additional Features to Consider

Depending on how much information you need, there are some tracking services that will also give you remote access to call logs, the ability to listen to specific calls, and read text messages. These more detailed trackers are sometimes called cell phone spy apps. There are usually monthly subscription costs or added fees involved after the first purchase or download of the app to get access to these extended services.

For more personal uses such as tracking your own trips, exercise routes, bike rides, and the like, there are several free applications that you can download from either the App Store for iPhone users or on Google Play for Android users. As with many free apps, you can usually eliminate advertising and gain access to more detailed functionality by upgrading to the paid version of the program. The choice should ultimately come down to which version best matches up with your personal needs. There are several good packages out there ranging from the most basic of services to highly detailed interfaces which can track and plot multiple devices at the same time.



Cell Phone Spy Software

Catch a Cheating Spouse with a Cell Phone Tracking App

You can use GPS technology for a lot more than just recovering your missing mobile device these days. Anyone who has ever been in a relationship with an unfaithful partner knows just how painful it is to waste your valuable time and effort on a cheater. Have you ever wondered if the person you’re with is being faithful? Does it seem like your significant other is trying to hide something? Well, now you might be able to use some stealthy technology to uncover the truth! In most cases, if it feels like something is not right, it probably isn't. Instead of just silently wondering if you are in a relationship with a partner you can trust, you can quickly find out for sure.

A company called MobiStealth recently released a mobile spy software package that you can install on Android, iOS (iPhone), or Blackberry devices to expose even the mostly deeply hidden secrets. Not only will this software allow you to track every move and find the device like most phone tracker apps, it opens up a whole new range of revealing options.

Key Features and Benefits

Some of the most popular features include listening to calls and background voices, viewing and reading text messages, and access to call logs. The program installs in under a minute and allows you to access recorded data through an online interface in real-time. The program runs in the background on the target device making it completely invisible.

Need even more information than that? They also have a data package available that will give you access to all photos on the mobile device as well as web browsing history, bookmarks, and video content. Basic subscription packages start as low as $39.99 for three months of service and you can get an enhanced feature package for $79.99. While this may sound like a lot of money, it is much cheaper than hiring a private investigator.

This is one of the most full-featured spy apps on the market. It provides all the tools necessary to find out exactly what your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend has been hiding. Why wonder when you can know the truth with 100% certainty?

Other Monitoring Services and Software

In addition to their well-known spy package, MobiStealth also offers an employee monitoring and location tracking application for business owners as well as parental control software to monitor children and teens. This is just one of several options for mobile employee tracking available to business owners. Look for a dedicated section on this topic in the near future. For non-commercial uses, this might just be the only cell phone tracker you will ever need!

Potential users should note that some states and countries have laws that pertain to GPS tracking and software installed without the proper consent from the owner of the device. It is the responsibility of the user to understand and abide by any applicable laws governing the use of tracker applications.


GPS Tracking Lite for iPhone

Today, we will take a closer look at the GPS Tracking Lite app for the iPhone. This application was developed by GTX Corp and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It is now available in three different languages including English, Spanish, and French. The folks at GTX clearly had social networking in mind during the development process and added a feature that allows simple GPS tracking to locate people instantly from your mobile device.

Custom settings give users the option to activate location sharing with friends, co-workers, family members and associates without compromising personal privacy. Suggested uses include coordinating meetings with friends or business colleagues, keeping track of children, locating family members, and social media location sharing on popular platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. One thing we liked about this program is that you can customize the settings so you get exactly what you want out of it without disclosing any unnecessary information. Since privacy is a major concern, this is a very attractive feature!

Additional Features and Technology

This app acts as a simple solution for locating children and family members giving you the ability to know exactly where they are at any given time with a quick swipe of your touch screen. One feature we liked about this particular application was the turn by turn directions to meet with a specific person or find a physical location. This really comes in handy at concerts, sporting events, or other crowded locations where it is often difficult to meet up with friends or family.

If you want to get creative and expand the functionality, the LOCiMOBILE technology will allow you to pinpoint a specific spot on a map so you can easily return to it later. Even if you don't need to mark the location of a hidden gold mine or sunken treasure, you can apply this technology to some everyday dilemmas including finding a parked car or remembering exactly which store had that great pair of jeans you wanted to go back for.

Paid vs. Free Version - What Are The Differences?

The iPhone software currently has a paid version and a free download. The free version will let you track up to six different users and includes Facebook and Twitter integration. The paid version gives you unlimited user tracking along with the ability to send direct messages in an ad-free environment. Users have downloaded this application from iTunes close to a million times and it managed to land a spot in the top three on the list of social networking apps.

If you need a GSP cell phone tracking solution for fun or to keep track of your loved ones, this program offers a quick and easy answer. Previous versions were known to have some bugs but the current version carries a five-star rating based on well over 300 user ratings and reviews. It is highly recommended that you have the latest updated version of the iPhone operating system installed to get the most from this application and keep it working properly.

Below are a few screen shots to give you an overview of what the messaging system and user interface looks like:

GPS cell phone tracker appGPS Tracking Lite App


How to tell if your cell phone is being tracked?

cell phone tracker appThis question has come up on several occasions due to the privacy concerns associated with GPS tracking apps. As you probably already know, it is important that anyone with a tracking application running on their mobile device be properly notified.

While there are plenty of legitimate reasons for wanting to track a friend or family member, it can be illegal in some places to install such an application without consent.

How do you know if your smartphone is being tracked without your permission?

The answer to this question is not black and white but there are some pretty reliable ways to detect unusual activity on your mobile device. Start by looking for these telltale signs:

1. Abnormal Battery Drain - Some mobile devices have better battery life than others but once you have owned your phone for a few months, you should have a good idea of how long a single charge should last based on your normal usage. Location tracking software will consume extra power by periodically sending location data back and forth from the device. If you notice that the life span of your battery is unusually low, you may want to do a little digging to find out why.

2. Data Usage - Most wireless data plan service providers offer some form of online statistics on how much data transfer is being used each month. If you log in to your account with your service provider, you can see how much information is being transferred in each billing cycle. Look for any suspicious spikes in your data usage that sustain themselves over an extended period. A one day spike is probably nothing to be concerned about but if you see a sudden increase of 25% or more and it does not fit with your online browsing habits, that might be a warning sign.

3. Install a System Monitoring App - These apps are available for Android, Blackberry, and the iPhone and will give you an instant overview of every application and process running on your device, even if it is running in the background. They will allow you to end any process that is using system resources and shut it down by simply clicking the "end task" key.

Watch out for stealth tracking applications that might have a name that does not provide a proper description of what the app actually does. The best way to guard against this is to know what applications normally run on your phone. If you see anything that you did not intentionally install, stop it right away and run a Google search for the name of the program to find out what it is.

These are all good warning signs that might alert you to a problem with your cell phone (or tablet) but the best way to prevent a tracking application from being installed is to keep your device with you at all times. Always make sure that your device is within sight and be sure to password protect your user interface. Change your password at least every thirty days for extra security and be sure to avoid sharing your access information with anyone.

If you are still unsure or believe someone may be tracking you without your permission, go to the settings section of your phone and disable GPS until you're 100% certain that no unwanted apps are running on your device.