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A Review of GPS Tracking Lite for iPhone

GPS cell phone tracker app

Today, we will take a closer look at the GPS Tracking Lite app for the iPhone. This application was developed by GTX Corp and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. It is now available in three different languages including English, Spanish, and French. The folks at GTX clearly had social networking in mind during the development process and added a feature that allows simple GPS tracking to locate people instantly from your mobile device.

Custom settings give users the option to activate location sharing with friends, co-workers, family members and associates without compromising personal privacy. Suggested uses include coordinating meetings with friends or business colleagues, keeping track of children, locating family members, and social media location sharing on popular platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. One thing we liked about this program is that you can customize the settings so you get exactly what you want out of it without disclosing any unnecessary information. Since privacy is a major concern, this is a very attractive feature!

Additional Features and Technology

This app acts as a simple solution for locating children and family members giving you the ability to know exactly where they are at any given time with a quick swipe of your touch screen. One feature we liked about this particular application was the turn by turn directions to meet with a specific person or find a physical location. This really comes in handy at concerts, sporting events, or other crowded locations where it is often difficult to meet up with friends or family.

If you want to get creative and expand the functionality, the LOCiMOBILE technology will allow you to pinpoint a specific spot on a map so you can easily return to it later. Even if you don’t need to mark the location of a hidden gold mine or sunken treasure, you can apply this technology to some everyday dilemmas including finding a parked car or remembering exactly which store had that great pair of jeans you wanted to go back for.

Paid vs. Free Version – What Are The Differences?

The iPhone software currently has a paid version and a free download. The free version will let you track up to six different users and includes Facebook and Twitter integration. The paid version gives you unlimited user tracking along with the ability to send direct messages in an ad-free environment. Users have downloaded this application from iTunes close to a million times and it managed to land a spot in the top three on the list of social networking apps.

If you need a GSP cell phone tracking solution for fun or to keep track of your loved ones, this program offers a quick and easy answer. Previous versions were known to have some bugs but the current version carries a five-star rating based on well over 300 user ratings and reviews. It is highly recommended that you have the latest updated version of the iPhone operating system installed to get the most from this application and keep it working properly.

Below are a few screen shots to give you an overview of what the messaging system and user interface looks like:

GPS cell phone tracker appGPS Tracking Lite App



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