How to use your phone as a tracker in one or more ways?

Mobile phone technology has made us capable of talking to someone from hundreds of miles away without any wire. Today’s mobile phone has become a smart phone which means that it has an Operating System, Processing unit and Memory with intelligent algorithms that make it smart. To use the world’s most reliable and robust geolocation tracking service (GPS), smartphones include built-in hardware to receive the signals from Satellites. But how this hardware is going to work? How will cell phone be used as a tracker?

Using Built-in System:

A phone can be used as a tracker using the built-in mechanism usually in the form of built-in application that is embedded into the phone’s operating system by the manufacturer. This application is designed by keeping in mind the architecture of the phone’s hardware to use the tracking system in a faster and efficient way. Built-in phone tracking applications vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Apple provides Find My iPhone which is available by default in iOS. Samsung application Find My Mobile is the default application for mobile phone tracking.

Using a tracking application:

Phone tracking is also possible by application software that is available on Google Play store or Apple store for free and license. Some of these applications not only provide phone’s geolocation but also bring some spy services by allowing the tracking of Social Media, phone’s local storage, call logs and a lot more. These applications include MSpy, FlexiSpy, Highster. Highster claims to be jailbreak free and a legal application. FlexiSpy claims to track PCs and Laptops as well. These apps use GPS services to determine the location of a device.

Using the Cellular Network Carrier:

Cellular Network career can also be used in order to track the phone. Network carrier uses the nearest tower in order to locate the phone’s position. A networking company may charge you in order to provide tracking services.

Common Uses of Phone Tracking:

Phone tracking can be used in the following ways:

1) In order to track your children. It is pretty essential to look at their behavior, keep track of the places they visited and stayed at etc.

2) Phone tracking can be used in order to navigate. GPS navigation can help in designing best route plan with minimum distance and the least traffic.

3) Phone tracking can also be used in fleet management systems. Fleet management applications are used in order to make sure the safe delivery of assets. Moreover, it aware you of the route alerts such as traffic, the distance of route and estimated time to cover that distance.

4) Phone tracking may help in keeping track of your spouse’s activities and his social media and phone’s local media as well.

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