Block a phone number on your phone

Sometimes we receive calls from unknown numbers and they keep on calling even after knowing that they are dialing the wrong number. They send text messages of different types and annoy us. This is this worst experience approximately we all had in our life once. What should we do in this kind of situation because we cannot bear that annoying feeling anymore? The answer is very simple, you can block the number.

This is the easiest and the best way to get rid of someone. If you are using an iPhone, an Android or a Windows phone, you can block anyone you want.

Block a number in an iPhone:

If you are an iPhone user then it is very simple for you to block someone because it is the built-in feature of iPhone. Follow these steps to block a number who is calling you:

  • Open the phone app.
  • Select recent calls.
  • Find the unknown number.
  • Click on the (!) in the circle next to the number to open the options.
  • You will get the information about the number and actions you can take, scroll down to the end and you will find a button named “Block this caller”.
  • Click on it and the number will be blocked.

If you are using above IOS 10 and want to block someone who is texting you but is not saved in your contact list, you have to first save that number in your contact list and then you can block that number.

Block a number on an Android and Windows phone:

In an android and windows phone, you can block the unknown numbers with the built-in features of your phone and with the help of other apps. In most android and window phones you can only block 10 to 15 numbers using the built-in feature of your phone; therefore, external apps are needed. Some of the apps and their qualities that are helpful to block unknown numbers are:

  • Calls Blacklist is a free app available in the play store of your device. You can use this app to block call and text messages from any number without doing anything else.
  • Call Blocker Free is an app that lets you block calls and messages but the extra facility of this app is that you can even block “one-ring phone scam” using the extra features of this app.
  • Call Blocker is the best app available for blocking unwanted calls and messages. This app has tons of other features including the blacklisting contacts and the whitelisting contacts. You can block someone even if they are sending you MMS.

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