How to know if someone spies on your phone

In this era of technology, the mobile phone is not just a pocket device for making calls and sending messages. Cell phones are now transformed into smartphones. Which are small but powerful pocket computers containing far more than few names, contacts, and messages? You use email, social media accounts, and a lot of other online and offline services in which you use our banking information to buy things. And all these valuable details can be monitored if your Smartphone is being tracked.

Yes, this is true. Someone can easily track your phone and have access to your personal data including, your text messages (default messages, emails, and social media messages), listen to your calls, listen to the surrounding voices, view your browsing history, and have access to your files and data. The question here is that how do we know that if someone is tracking our phone or not? Here are the few genuine techniques that will help you to determine that if your mobile phone is completely safe or not.

Use apps to check:

In the market, there are a lot of free and paid apps available with which you can easily check that if your phone is tracked by someone or not. But most of the free apps are nothing more than a scam. So be careful while choosing a perfect app for you.

Check the battery life:

It’s a common but 100% real comment. If someone is tracking your mobile phone then the battery will drain much faster than before. Because of the background apps will be running and sending data consistently to the spy website.

Keep an eye on data usage:

Another important thing is the data usage of your mobile phone. Keep an eye on this thing. When your mobile phone is being tracked, your data connection will be used more rapidly. So keep an on this thing also. And always check these important things.

Jailbreak iPhone and root android:

Sometimes we cannot find a specific app on the play store but that app is available on the internet. We can download this app and install it on our mobile phones. In iPhone, this process is called the jailbreak. But in android, if we want to access to its complete functions we use to root our mobile phone. After rooting and jailbreaking your mobile phone, anyone can easily enter into it. Your personal information is not personal anymore.

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