iPhone cell phone trackers

Mobile phone tracker applications are excessively available for the Android operating system because it’s really easy to launch an app on Google play store, and this is because of the poor security of Android and the facility for everyone to access almost everything. Therefore there are tons of tracking apps available for Android. But on the other side, launching an app on Apple store is very much difficult and challenging task. Daily thousands of apps get rejected by Apple authorities just because of the security and privacy reasons. It is impossible for a developer to launch an app on Apple app store with hidden data fetchers and trackers.

Find my iPhone:

If you want to track one of your own Apple devices, then Apple is providing a built-in app for your ease. With “Find my iPhone” you can locate your lost or stolen Apple devices. You just have to connect your Apple devices with your one iCloud id and activate find my iPhone app. In case of a stolen device, you can lock your device and erase all the data available on it.

Apart from the built-in tracking app which can only track your own Apple devices, there are also few great apps available on the Apple app store that can track the location of others for you easily and can also provide you the complete data of the iPhone user. Some of these apps are:


Prey is an application that is available for free for everyone. You can create an account at their official website for free and can keep track of up to 3 mobile phones. If you want to track more than three mobile phones then you can buy their premium plan.


mSpy is the best and the top used application of the world. This app will never let you down in any kind of situation. You just have to download the paid app into the phone of the targeted person. After the installation is complete, this app will hide and start work. This app will collect all the data from their mobile phone and send it to your personal account at the website of mSpy from where you can keep an eye on the target and record his/her activities.

The Spy Bubble:

This is another great app you can use to track anyone. This app will give you the complete data of your target’s mobile phone including his/her location and chatting history. Your identity will be completely hidden while tracking the phone of your target. Another amazing thing is that if within 60 days you don’t like the app, the company will give you your money back.

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