Android phone tracking review

As the technology is evolving and getting better day by day, devices are becoming smart. A great example of a smart device is our very own smartphone. It has a lot of advantages and disadvantages but we use smartphones just because of the advantages it has and ignores it's all disadvantages. Smartphones are helping us in approximately every aspect of our life, from talking to someone to our entertainment and amusement. But did we ever think about that is our smartphone safe for our privacy? Is our data secured in our device? Or is there anyone else who can read our private chat? And the most important, is there anyone who can access our location with complete accuracy?

The answer to all these questions is, yes! Yes, there is always someone who can track your location (if you are connected to the internet or with any mobile network), read your messages and password protected private chats, and have access to all the data available on your smartphone.

And this someone can be anyone. They can be your friends, family members, Government, intelligence agencies, and your network service provider.

The government, Intelligence agencies, and your network service provider can directly access to your smart phone’s location and everything available on it. But your friends and family members cannot access to your data and location, they need some kind of bridge or link to access your information. And there are tons of applications available in android’s play store that can help your friends and family members to track you. Some of the applications are described in details below.


This is the easiest way your friends and family members can use to track your smartphone. They just have to download the paid app named “mSpy” from the official website and secretly install it on your phone. After installation, the app will hide and start working secretly. This app will transmit all the data and information online which they can see by logging in to their mSpy account.


Flexispy is another application that will help them to track your smartphone. This app will also hide after installation and start working. The advantage of this application is that they can even track your laptop and desktop pc. This feature will let them know everything about you.


This mobile phone application will help them to track your smartphone with high accuracy. This is not an illegal or jailbreak app and will not harm the smartphone or its privacy in anyways. The demo version of this app is available and anyone can buy after their complete satisfaction.

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