Cell phone features that help you

We all use cell phones in our everyday life and obtain a lot of benefits from it. In the market, cell phones of various brands are available. All these cell phone manufacturers provide different features in their cell phones. But the core features are same in every cell phone, whether it is made by Samsung or Apple. These core features are


Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that allows compatible mobile phones, computers, laptops, tablet pc, hands-free devices, and other devices to connect with each other across short ranges.

Text messages:

You can send text messages to anyone you want within few seconds. And your phone’s display will show you the received text messages.

Voice calling:

Voice calling is one of the very basic and core features of any cell phone and smartphone. You can dial any number and talk to them about how long you want.

Digital camera:

Another great feature that you will find in approximately every mobile phone is a camera. This will allow you to take pictures from your phone and save them. You can later transfer those pictures from your phone to the other devices. The quality of modern cell phone cameras is still not as good as the digital camera.

Caller ID:

This feature is same in the modern cell phones and the very first cell phones made in the 20th century. When you receive a call from someone, their name and/or number will be displayed to you. This feature helps you to recognize the caller without memorizing their number. Another example of this is the contact list of a cell phone.


A display is the most important thing in a cell phone. Without a display screen, we cannot use a cell phone even we cannot perform the simplest task on it. In the smartphones, display size varies and the price of the phone varies with it. In short, if you are an internet user and a smartphone with large display screen meets your requirements, then you have to spend a heavy amount with respect to the display size of the smartphone.


On basic cell phones, you can download digital ringtones and personalize your phone. But in modern smartphones, you can download MP3s and videos and store them on your device.

Organizer applications:

Even the basic cell phones often have organizer applications installed in them. Calendar, calculator, and unit converter are some of the organizer apps.

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