A fun story about phone tracking

Sometimes this happens when you lost your phone somewhere and no one knows that where it is. The only thing that can help you in this kind of situation is tracking applications. If you are an iPhone user, you must be acquaintance with the built-in tracking app named “Find my iPhone”. If you have installed this app in your iPhone and Mac devices, you can easily track one if the other gets lost. You just have to activate the lost mode from one of those devices and you can easily track your other device and also can erase all the data available on that device.

This application is found really helpful for the iPhone users. Some cases were reported of iPhone devices lost and stolen in the USA but 90% of them were perfectly caught just because of the “Find my iPhone” app but the other 10% managed to run away because this app was not activated on those iPhone devices.

I would love to share a fun but related to the iPhone theft in Manchester, UK. I’m quoting this story because it has fun, crime, adventure and thrill in it. But according to the Manchester Evening News it really happened.

A woman was having lunch at Manchester’s Arndale Centre when a thief grabbed her iPhone from the handbag and ran in a car. The woman managed to call her husband from another line and told her about the incident. Her husband tracked her iPhone from his home computer in Stalybridge.

Her husband called the police and told them that the stolen iPhone was heading northwards along Rochdale Road out of the city center. A full on action movie was started when the police scrambled the “India 99” force helicopter and started chasing the mobile thief. Officers in patrol cars homed in on the vehicle as it headed north along the M61 near Bolton. After a chase of approximately 30 miles, the movie comes to a dramatic ending when the thief was caught just off the M61. The thief was caught in less than an hour and the stolen iPhone was seized along with the other suspected stolen properties.

And this was all happened just because of a simple iPhone app. Android is also giving its users the facilities like this but they are not that much reliable and their tracking is also not accurate.

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