Locate a cell phone from your pc

Parents are overprotective and caring about their children. Sometimes when parents ask their children about where they are going, they overreact and feel annoyed. Therefore parents don’t want to make their children feel creepy by asking the same question again and again. The solution of this problem lies in the phone tracking system. With the evolving technology, the field of GPS tracking is also evolved. Now you can track anyone’s location from anywhere without letting them know about that. Some of the apps that are used for tracking the location of mobile phones are:


Prey is an application that is available for free for everyone. You can create an account at their official website for free and keep track of up to 3 mobile phones. If you want to track more than three mobile phones then you can buy their premium plans. This app works perfectly on all three platforms including IOS, Android, and windows.

Find my iPhone:

This app is the built-in app of iPhone. This application allows you to connect your iPhone, iPod, Mac and other Apple devices with a same iCloud id. You can track your one device from your other devices by just opening the app from your device. This app lets you locate your children’s device and even erase all the data of their device in case of lost or stolen.


Lookout is a security, tracking, and antivirus protection software and application for Windows and mobile phone respectively. This software has extra features like; it will track the last location of your children before the battery of their device dies, allows you to back up their data online before completely erasing it, and it will even snap a photo of any who would try to enter into their mobile phone and email it to you along with location data. This app is free for the first two weeks and after that, it will cost $3 per month.

Cerberus anti theft:

Cerberus is one of the best antitheft apps available in the market. The app offers you tons of ways to control and track your children’s smartphone device via the official website of Cerberus antitheft and even with SMS. You can sound an alarm even when their phone is in the silent mood. This app is free for the 1st week to try but you have to pay $6 for the next complete year.

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